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Traditional Full Service Funeral

Includes a viewing or visitation and formal funeral service, along with transportation of the remains to the funeral site and cemetery, including burial, entombment or cremation.

Non-traditional Funeral Service

Includes the family's - or the bereaved - wishes as to how they would like to arrange the funeral if different from a traditional service. Contact the funeral home for more information as we will be happy to discuss and carry out non-traditional funeral plans.

Direct Burial

The remains are buried shortly after death. A memorial service might be held at a later time. Viewing and visitation are not included.

Direct Cremation

Includes cremation of the remains shortly after death. Embalming is unnecessary, so not included. The cremated remains are placed in an urn or another suitable container. Direct cremation does not include viewing or visitation. A memorial service, held at a later time, is extremely appropriate and we will be happy to help you with those plans.

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