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Traditional Full Service Funeral

This includes a viewing or visitation and formal funeral service, along with transporting the body to the funeral site and cemetery, and burial, entombment or cremation.

It is our honor to serve and to have your trust. When a family needs a family, we area here. It is our great honor to serve you and to have your trust. We available 24 hours a day.

Non-traditional Funeral Service

This includes a family's thought as to how they would like to arrange a funeral, other than having a traditional funeral service. Contact the funeral home for more information.

Direct Burial

This doesn't include viewing or visitation; the body is buried shortly after death. A memorial service might be held at a later time.

Direct Cremation

This includes cremation of body shortly after death. It does not require embalming. The cremated remains are placed in an urn or other suitable container. There's no viewing or visitation involved. A memorial service might be held at a later time.

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